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A Defensive weapon is a weapon designed only for defensive use. A 1911 A1 is such a weapon.

A "Offensive weapon" is designed to instead address an opponent which has a different criteria.
Karl Lippard 2
by Karl Lippard

A "defensive weapon" is one that has generally a poor trigger pull, (accuracy not an issue) sights that are at best suited for close range, a magazine that is not easily removed, a poor to loosely constructed weapon for function and not accuracy. Also called a "Last ditch weapon". Meaning when you are down to that pistol, you are essentially dead.

An "Offensive weapon", on the other hand, takes the armed man to the enemy in force, be he close or far. It is a tactical weapon of some precision. It has attributes that allow it to be serviceable under various conditions. (Criteria based) It employs a different tactic of employment, must have a proper grip, balance, function, accuracy, sights, hammer, slide stop, trigger and pull; and be accurate to the maximum effective range. If it does NOT meet these points, the word "Combat" should not be attached to it. It's a wantabee.

An application for an "Offensive weapon" with a pistol would be generally danger close engagements, often confronted by obstacles such as house to house, room to room; in aircraft; anywhere maneuverability precludes the effective use of a rifle. Small machine guns such as a CAR work pretty good, but stopping power close is the name of the game. The bigger the better, but one must be able to accurately shoot it, and a .44 mag is not it.

There are only two types of rounds that are truly suitable for pistol offensive use. One is the .45 acp and the other are Lippard munitions to be used in the A3/A4 and A5 models. The A2 can also be upgraded to use the new ammo as well with the change of a barrel. It also can be converted to a "A4 Heavy" gas operated model 1911. No other pistol in the world has every been completely designed for Offensive use by the NCO. None. Perhaps only nine(9) Treasury Officers have ever used the Browning Offensive weapon from 1975. We are all standing down now. Less than 100, I suspect, are armed today with an NCO. And about 100% of those in use have shot the guns at 350 yards or more with success. Most of the witnesses in combat who engaged a man with an NCO are dead. And, I have never received a NCO back for service or repair even though there is a lifetime warranty on all of them...even if the damage is from abuse. Reason being we are all on the same side of the gun and have shared the duty.

Have I used a 1911 A1 in a Offensive mode? Yes. And I am very lucky to have survived to tell about it. I would not arm myself with an old 1911 A1 if it were free. Its use is limited and my life is not. No military man should be armed for combat with a defensive weapon. It is not the job to defend.

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