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Do you believe the ATF should be abolished?
The “Last Man On Earth”
was born about two years ago on August 15.
Karl Lippard Logan James Long
His name is Logan James Long.

Remember that because he is the man who holds the keys to survival in 2050. That survival can be shared with others if fails to turn the public awareness into action.

Let’s take the conversation a little closer to home.

Do you know according to Argo the earth’s oceans have risen a foot in the last few years? Do you know what caused it? Sure Carbon Dioxide pumped into the atmosphere and in turn has been melting the Ice Caps.

But did you know as a result the oceans have risen and that a storm TODAY off Maryland could flood Washington D.C. because of it? Do you know that within 10 years it is likely that President Obama will have to relocate everyone in Washington D.C. to higher ground? Within 2 years the ocean level will rise another foot. Washington DC, being a floodplain could be under 15 feet of water from a 2 foot storm surge..? Uuuuuh, let me get this straight, Washington D.C. could flood today 8 feet from a one foot storm surge???? Yeeeeeessssss! And what does President Obama say about that??? No reply.

I suggest that Duck Hunting permits be requested for Washington DC and lay claim to the second floor balcony of the White House as a duck blind. Washington DC was at or below sea level when the Capital location was selected. Like New Orleans, Washington D.C. is nothing more than a back-filled swamp. It is going back to the river and ocean and unless “KARL” is enacted, our investment, your Capital, is a total loss. Thirteen islands down stream, in Chesapeake Bay, have submerged. So now, because your president supports MORE use of fossil fuels such as natural gas and gasoline products, we the taxpayers are going to have to move our Capital? Yes; yes that is absolutely correct. By 2040 Washington D.C. will be flooded either naturally or inundated a decade earlier by storm surges.
But wait, it gets worse. If you live in New Orleans; get out. That city is gone. I love the French Quarter and the Acme Oyster Company but I repeat; GONE. Today that coast line is losing 50 acres per day to the ocean. In five years the next storm surge will put the old city down for good. Manhattan, New York? Please!! Boat tours are expected within 10 years!!

So what about this fossil fuel business and carbon dioxide?

Well our atmosphere will be toast by 2020 and everything from then onward will be a case of trying to keep the human race from being lost to contamination. We HAVE all the fossil fuels we need to support an exploding population worldwide but in doing so release contamination that will kill everyone but our “Last Man On Earth.”

President Obama is pushing health care in one hand and creating health conditions that no plan can handle by 2020 on the other. The secret of Health Care is to reduce the NEED for it. You cure the primary cause. Smog in LA in the 60’s was hell on earth so the State created emission laws and reduced it. The United States has emission laws but offers no solution of HOW to cure it. The result is the planet is dying fast. Our earth doesn’t care if humans hang around and right now we are loosing 250,000 people (related to Al Gore without response) per month from carbon dioxide contamination. That’s 100 times more than lost in all nuclear plants of any kind ever made including the Chernobyl disaster.

We all know that Carbon Dioxide/Monoxide is poisonous. You can’t see it, taste it or smell it; it just kills you. Accordingly in your home they “flavor it with a smell” so as to tell the occupant carbon dioxide is present and to get out or die. True or not? In fact it is the law today that everyone have a Carbon Dioxide detector in their home. Next, you will need one outside to tell you when it is safe. Alright, if carbon dioxide is poisonous then what are we doing with it? Correct sending it out of the home up into the atmosphere for someone else to breathe. True or not?

And what about cars? Well if carbon dioxide wasn’t poisonous why put it into an exhaust pipe and send it away for someone else to breathe. Atmosphere contamination, true or not? By 2030 you will not be able to drive a car like you do today without internal life support at the current contamination rate of our atmosphere!

So when we talk about Carbon Dioxide we know it can kill but we use it anyway and are killing our planet. Why is that? You say no alternative? Not true; we have one and the State of California is looking at it right now from KARL Energy. A program there to reduce the carbon footprint of every person and to regulate carbon dioxide contamination to a sustainable level. Heating and cooling cost of every person will go down to near nothing with KARL Energy. (Many products made by Joseph Brazier by the way)

In my letter to Secretary of Energy Dr. Chu (which he prefers not to respond too) and President Obama, I addressed the issue of atmosphere contamination, global warming; AND solutions to cure the problem WITHOUT tax dollars and no real cost to the public. I did ask for a rapid approval my “Atomic Waste Energy System” in Patent and government approval of our American worldwide program to reverse global warming and atmosphere contamination……I received a dial tone on the subject with no reply at all.

Interesting?…….Saving our world received a dial tone!!
Let me get this straight; we Americans vote and elect a President; that makes him an employee of ours is he not??? Correct. Then a citizen alarms the President that the “Sky is falling” (with proof) and offer solutions of how all Americans can be put back to work in 2009; America can become an export nation in two years, reduce atmosphere contamination by 40% in three and your president says what? Nothing……..? Further, I suggested that America could supply the world with new technology, new products, end global recession, stabilize oil and fossil fuel prices, repair our oceans, save our fish, make everywhere on this planet a better place and Mr. Obama’s response is what? Nothing………..? Very, very interesting.

My friends the next men on the moon have been selected and in fact we know when they are going to fly. So has the “Last Man On Earth” been selected and at the proper time be given the keys of technology like those men on the moon of how to survive in an alien environment. For the same technology is required to live on our planet by 2050 and all those born (alive) will be living as if on Mars; a place hostile to humans; all except for our “Last Man On Earth.” Most people will not know HOW to live and perish they will by the billions. And I did say, BILLIONS by 2100. The human race ends no later than 2100 if we do not do something today.

So forgive me for not being kind. I am fighting for your life; the lives of everyone on this earth; and future generations. I want to leave this life a better place than when I entered it. I am trying to save your world and I can do it with just a little moral support. Fighting for you, the people of our planet, don’t expect me to be nice about it. I am going to kick every person on this earth in the teeth until we are all on the same page and save this planet. I tell you now WE CAN DO THIS.

Until then, take my grandson hunting at the White House when I’m gone….He IS you know….Mr. Logan James Long, “Last Man On Earth.”

Karl C. Lippard, founder of KARL and inventor of Karl Energy products.

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