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Stop the Threat-"Thinking persons program"
Viewer Comment from Wisconsin Mr. Towle, I just watched my first episode of Stop The Threat. What a great program for the cc permit holder!! We here in Wisconsin waited soooo long for our political leaders to finally "get it", and now that the majority of our citizens are allowed to take protection of life and limb into their own hands, a TV show such as STT helps all those that watch it. I'm hoping that the purpose of STT is not to just show experts debate scenarios, but rather, as I did, THINK about what I would do in that situation, and then having the experts say what was done right, or shouldn't have been done so that it becomes a learning experience. It's almost an interactive program in this way, and definitely a thinking persons program. Anyway, thanks for the show, and good luck continuing with helping the cc holder do it right! Tobin

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NOTE: ATSN was born from the already popular national Radio broadcast, "Trigger Sports Radio", hosted by James B. Towle. Towle wanted to bring the world of Trigger Sports to a whole new level by introducing video clips and LIVE coverage from shooting events, plus NRA updates from Headquarters, Hunting Reports and expert guests on Trigger Sports LIVE! an internet television weekly show. From there, Towle expanded by introducing Trigger Sports TV via DirecTV and Dish Network on the Pursuit Channel. Traveling across the USA, Towle and the ATSN film crew taped competitions and training events in all shooting discipline. Soon after, Towle realized that gun owners needed information on the responsibility of personal self-defense and gun handling beyond the shooting range, and Stop the Threat was born. Each week a panel of law enforcement experts discuss the re-enactment of true crime incidents that have occurred throughout the US and offer the audience sound information to better protect themselves and their loved ones. Towle often asks the viewers to consider "when to shoot or when to retreat". ATSN continues to be the leader in your trigger sports, and personal defense tactics and education.

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"To discuss the safe and responsible ownership of guns as a family sport and an American Tradition".

Quoted : James B. Towle, Chairman and CEO
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