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Do you believe the ATF should be abolished?
An Interview with KARL LIPPARD
James B. Towle interviews Karl Lippard on the
"Traitors Among Us" feature.

Inventor Karl Lippard

JAMES: Karl, sorry we couldn't get you live on our broadcast Wednesday. But let me ask you, what do you think about this border situation and the myth that Americans are responsible for the onslaught of guns being sent to the Drug Cartels in Mexico?

KARL: Well, sorry James about the atmospherics for a live show today to your viewers, but let me answer that question for you. I outlined a few thoughts while viewing the telecast.

First James, there are no real quantities of guns going into Mexico from the USA. What IS available to the Cartels are guns out of African Countries that were reported to President Reagan in 1986 via FBI entering Nicaragua, Brazil, Columbia, Honduras and on up to Mexico. A large number were interdicted prior to leaving Africa but many did get delivered. Therefore those arms of automatic weapons are available starting at $10.00 each to anyone with cash. And the Cartels have cash. In fact 17 to 38 billion dollars a year. So there ARE no automatic weapons coming from the USA. It is a political diversion.

The USA now has committed 700 million dollars to Mexico to fight the drug cartels; another 150 million to Central America; 65 million to Canada. So our Government has to cover this by fictionalizing guns going to Mexico. What is real strange about this is that only 30 million dollars is being "Made available to the border states" to beef up our related drug element.

Sorry, but I want the 3 billion dollar package back here. I want our Border Patrol to get all the tools they need to protect and interdict our borders from any aggression from that threat.

JAMES: It seems as though the Government is singling out gun dealers. What do you think about that Karl?

KARL: A couple of days ago Senator Lieberman made a query of smuggled guns into Mexico. He continues, "What about the FFL Dealers down on the border? There are 670 FFL's down there?"

Deputy Attorney General David Ogden says he is sending 200 ATF Agents down to the Border States to "help out" the situation. ATF? ATF he says. That means that 200 agents coming from inspection detail to go through all the FFL books down there for no purpose. They are looking for error entry's in Log Books.

No ATF Agent will be investigating anything down on the Border. The guns are coming from somewhere else AND they know it and where.

Question is, how many drug busts has Mr. Ogden been on? How many firearm smugglers has he arrested and/or prosecuted? How many raids in Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Columbia has he been on? How many countries has he served in? The answer is none. So before you send 200 agents down to the border to fight, be sure first there is one! You can't put an Agent in the field against the drug cartel with no history. He wouldn't last 10 minutes. "Send ATF to Border states to help out?" Maybe Senator Lieberman thinks you are serious, Mr. Ogden, but you don't have the staff, or know-how to do it. It is a diversion for spending money while blaming it on "Guns sold to Mexico by Americans".

JAMES: Well Karl, you have a point here. The real problem is that this misinformation is being deseminated to the public giving them the false hope that something is being done...It is just a continued waste of money and resources. Can you shed some more light on the "Gun Show" connection?

KARL: Well, yes, there is that part from Senator Lieberman that the Mexican guns could be coming from "Gun Shows". My question to the Senator, whom I admire, is how many gun shows have you attended?

I have extended an invitation to the Tulsa Gun Show to Senator Lieberman and Senator John McCain as well. I will be down there on Friday. I invite them to let me introduce them around to the Browning Collectors Assn. I'll take them both around to visit the dealers that survived the Clinton Administration where he coerce States into regulating FFT dealers out of their license. I hope to see them there. I hope to have the opportunity to ask questions about Mexican guns; ATF abuse; drugs and smuggling.

JAMES: Well, Karl, I hope you are successful in meeting with the Senators to get some answers and provide them with some of your experience and insight. They need to hear the truth! We look forward to continuing this discussion with you on future episodes of Trigger Sports LIVE! Thanks Karl.


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