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Courtesy of Mr. Karl C. Lippard

A "SolidSolid ™"Over-Under barrel is unique in the world today. It is made of one solid piece of space age material called vacuum arc re-melt steel. In lay terms, this means the steel is refined to a highly purified state by re-melting it in a vacuum.

A Karl Lippard design, the "SolidSolid ™" was once thought impossible to make or properly regulate. Those issues are solved with mathematics and use of sophisticated CNC machines. While barrels of this type cannot be made by hand, old fashion labor still does the final finishing.

Patent Pending, these are the first barrels in the history of gunmaking that are made this way and are standard on a Karl Lippard Special Series O/U, Signature, Exhibition and HOS model guns.

Solid Solid Barrel by Karl Lippar

This is the "SolidSolid ™" one piece shotgun O/U barrel made of S7 VAC. Made by Brazier, this Karl Lippard Patented Design covers 8 different types of barrels covering the full range of barrels made in the world today. "SolidSolid ™" barrels can be made for your Fabbri, Holland & Holland, Perazzi, Purdey, Westley Richards or other fine gun "one off" for $10,000.00 each. Barrels for the Trade are discounted at 10 and 100 barrel orders. Other barrels are available in Side by Side, and double rifle with adjustable impact. All ribs and false ribs, are integral....One Off "SolidSolid ™" barrels are $10,000. each and MonoSolid barrels like the Monobloc in common use today such as Perazzi's would be $4,000.00 each. We bore all our barrels in-house by CNC using S7 tool steel. The Karl Lippard Company also make Winchester type actions as well.

Watch Trigger Sports LIVE, Episode 23, June 3, 2009 featuring the"SolidSolid ™" Barrel or visit or for more information.
Special thanks to Rick Brian for the photograph.

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