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Mr. Karl C. Lippard, Inventor

Inventor Karl Lippard

So now that my patent desk is just about clear, my "Atomic Waste Energy System" patent, applied for May 1, will get a lot of my attention. For your information, the United States has licensed a company to degrade weapons grade plutonium 238 and Uranium 233 and 235 into a mix called MOX for use in Nuclear Reactors...37 metric tons from Russia alone. That factory HAS been built and long in operation.

My KARL ENERGY Mix, under part patent protection, uses the Waste or completely unusable material that remains to be buried. Used in my System, KARL Energy will run cars, heat home and businesses, and reduce our carbon output in the USA by 40.6%, if successful, in 3-4 years. Further, KARL Energy MIX, is NOT under Federal Regulation or export regulations. In simple terms that means this: There are two kinds of terms to remember, one is Atomic and the other Nuclear. Atomic is non-chain reactive and Nuclear IS chain reactive. One is hazardous like Radon all over Colorado Springs and the other is dangerous to our world.

My patent contains "Friendly" waste and stores it forever in containers that benefit every person worldwide. If I am NOT successful (According to ABC Special Earth 2100) "by 2015, it is unlikely the Earth damage can be reversed." I don't believe I have to spell that out. But my presentation to a foreign country recently did. Large numbers of people will be dying by 2020. Already more than 500,000 species of birds and animals are being lost per year. Extinct. By 2020, at the current rate, there will BE no birds and most animals we know today will be gone or dying at a rate they cannot survive.

James, we are coming online with some stats shortly on, but for your show on Ep. 25 June 17th here are stats that support my statements. In 1986 Comanche Peak Nuclear facility Air composition for our commercial divers was stable at 78% nitrogen, 21% Oxygen and 3% inert gases. In decompression every day, those numbers were important for our lives working in inner-space.

Depending on where air is tested the 20.947 runs to 20.122. The inert gas however has 12 elements and added in Air where not seen. When you see nitrogen at 79% gases are added and the same with oxygen to bring that number up. Problem is carbon monoxide and methane are in those and toxic. So the oxygen and Carbon levels must be pure numbers not supported. Therefore we know nitrogen is 78% and inert is 3% what is oxygen? 19%. That is why animals are dying 500,000 extinct a year. So we are playing with .5 to 1% oxygen with Carbon Dioxide on the rise with methane from the tundra. We've lost 40% of O2 production in forests. And the inert gas contains Ozone that is dropping, loosing sun radiation coverage. Math says we are toast.

I want your viewers to know EXACTLY what I said. KARL must succeed quickly. We can if viewers just support KARL products. If not, by 2015 the damage cannot be reversed. On my schedule of 2020 the animals are gone. If we kick up coal and natural gas by 2030 we will need my new pistol.

It was a nice day in Colorado Springs today. In Washington they talk about Windpower; the carbon rich price of oil is up and there is reports of deaths in China from lung conjestion.

Everthing is fine. The world is fine. Fine except for my clock. It runs a little fast. Oh, sent an email to Energy Secretary Dr. Chu for a comment on these figures. Ask your viewers to ask too. Billions to save auto companies? Which is more important the cause or the cure? We are down to 1% and I am out of time. Karl

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